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I have offered creative companies software engineering services for approximately fifteen years. I have worked in many aspects of software engineering with an emphasis on data pipelines, computer gaming, 3D rendering and large projects. In addition to having a technical software engineering background, I can provide architecture-level and project-level decision making to ensure the success of projects. I have a BS in computer science from Portland State University. Thank you for looking at my resume.

2009-Current Hypnos Entertainment – San Jose, CA


  • League of Legends for Riot Games
  • Technology for SCEA.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO)
  • Unannounced project for NCsoft (MMO)2001-2009 Electronic Arts – Redwood City, CA
    SR SE I
  • Dead Space – I provided core engineering on many aspects of EA’s cross game engine, pipeline and framework. I focused on the lighting pipeline, runtime lighting, runtime performance on PS3 and Xbox 360 and TRCs.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 – Lead the engineering efforts for our terrain rendering and pipelines on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I refactored rendering code and pipelines to support a new platform to our Xbox 360 code base, the PS3. I worked closely with the lead environment artist and art manager to create smooth pipeline for next gen outdoor environments. I coordinated effort with several other engineers working on different aspect of environment rendering and pipelines, many of these I implemented myself. Over the course of the project I was responsible for continuing evaluation of the environment feature set and scope management. I lead efforts for measuring and addressing rendering performance throughout the project.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 – Helped quickly port our existing Xbox game to Xbox 360. At that point helped design a new terrain pipeline, as well as did several passes of re-architecture of the game code. I was given the role of picking up whatever tasks needed to get done to keep the project running smoothly, as well as help and direct internal and external engineering resources.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 – On 2005 I was made Xbox lead and had ownership of character animation. The involved implement new animation features as well as managing efforts from multiple parties related to character animations. I was also the point person for Xbox specific issues.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 – During this cycle I had ownership over the entire tools chain for the game. This include all of the exporters for 3 platforms, as wells as the world building tools, character animations tools and build systems. I also added some character animation systems like secondary animation. To help final the project I picked the online module and UI for the EA messenger.
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 – My main focus during this cycle was tools. I helped extend the world building tool and created new tools for character animation.2001 Ascension Entertainment – Portland, OR
    Lead Programmer / Project Lead

    I was the sole programmer on a two month publisher demo. The demo was a 3rd person 3D hover-boarding/shooter game. I fully designed and implemented the system in C++ using the Lithtech SDK, and did it within time and budget.

    I also coordinated efforts from several other parties on the demo. I created two month schedules for on level designer and one artist on the demo. As well as creating documentation for the demo.

    I was responsible for delivering each of the three milestones, along with documentation.

    1999 – 2001 – Cryo Studios NA – Portland, OR
    Programmer / Level Designer

    I worked in C/C++ creating extensions and debugging an existing 3D game engine. I worked on several aspects of the game engine including: Rendering, Collision, Physics, UI, Animation, Input and Sound.

    I also worked as a level designer, using an in-house scripting language writing scripts that provided the glue between the artwork and the game engine. My tasks also included camera placement, collision data placement and cinematic sequences.

    Cryo Studios NA provided a fun working environment that facilitated very creative work. During the time I was working at Cryo NA, we shipped one title, Hellboy, a 3D adventure game based on the hit comic book “Hellboy”. We where working on the pre-production phase of our next title when Cryo France (owners of Cryo NA) announced they where closing Cryo NA.

    1996 – 1999 – Pistachio, Inc. – Portland, OR
    Software Engineer

    At Pistachio I had the opportunity to work on several different system on different platforms. I also got the work on every phase of the software lifecycle, from concept to implementation to tech support and bug fixes.

    My first task was maintenance of STS. STS was a very large database application that school districts used to asses students on standardized test. SRS handled very large databases, scanned in tests, calculated RIT scores and generated several reports. There where a large number of user interfaces to make things easy for the users. I added several major additions to SRS as well as fielding support calls and fixing bugs in the system.

    I was also involved in created LTDS which was a tool used to update tests from a legacy system, or create new tests from scratch. I did most of the work on the editor, including user interface, databases access and test item rendering.

    Advanced Stock Screener – Android App

    Advanced Stock Screener is a personal side project that runs on Android. This project demonstrates many things including Java, Android UI, threads, network functionality, Facebook integration and a MySQL DB via a PHP layer.
    Advanced Stock Screener

PairWise Android and iOS Apps and Web Service

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